Mesmerized By Her…..Christine and the Queens

I don’t understand French, I don’t understand a word of this song but I can’t stop listening to it. Not only is this song great but the music video has some of the coolest modern dance moves. It’s all so minimalist and low-key amazing that it mesmerizes me.

I don’t know what it is about the French but they don’t create cheery art. Most of the popular French movies, music, literature tends to be dealing with existential thoughts. This song also tackles something sad albeit with a catchy tune.

I took a look at the lyrics, I think it’s about a women dealing the domestic abuse. A violent lover she is unable to leave. Like I said I don’t understand French, I had to look at translations and look at YouTube comments. And that’s the explanation I got.

Also, talking about French eccentricities, here is a funny video that captures how the rest of world sees France (wait for Capt. France at the end..)

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